Sunday, July 20, 2014

Back to the Drawing Board: Where we've been and where to go

Its been a while, Blogger. I can't help it, I've been busy getting my life together. When I was last on here, I was posting about nothing in particular and just hoping a few folks found it interesting. Now I'm hoping to use this to further my portfolio and document my process with my current career path. I've always had a deep interest in board games and last year I began working for a company that deals in their sales. Its really given me an opportunity to surround myself in the concepts and culture of it all and I'd like to take what I'm learning to potentially focus on creating something new and different. There is a lot out there now, but I hope to bring something different to the table.

So that's what will be going on here, I'll type up some previews and reviews and interesting board game bits I come across but ideally I'll start to talk about my endeavor in creating the next great game. I'm also going to Gencon next month and hoping to get some photos/info there and other generally neat things.

So, followers, what's new with you?

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